The quest is over…for now!

Well well well!!
I left you talking about the 24-70L that I rented …
I told you I would post a few samples …
I didn’t have the time to post them and definitely I didn’t have a chance to test the lens shooting outside (damn shitty rainy Sunday).
But the tests I made shooting pictures of my guitars and a few shots made on Saturday right before the storm really left me astonished.
I won’t be technical, and I’ll do it on purpose, so I won’t speak of MTF charts and 100% crops at the borders and blah blah blah…because in the end, when you shoot a photo, do you really need to pixel-peep it all the time?!
What I can tell you is that the results seemed to really stand out of my screen.
Colours, detail, bokeh, all beautiful!
I was skeptical I must admit, I tested the 24-105L few weeks before and didn’t really felt it a Luxury lens, it was ok, shooting in the park on a sunny day, versatile focal length and a couple of good shots, nothing more than this.

But compared to the 24-70L…WOW.

The pictures stand out of the screen, really, I just had to fix  a bit of front focus using a calibration target and the micro-adjustments available from the camera menu, and bang. Superb image quality.

So today when I went for returning the lens to the shop I couldn’t resist and … I bought it.
The guys were even so cute to give me a brand new model, not the one I tested and discount the rental cost from the final price.

In the end I think I did the right thing…let’s wait and see what my wife thinks about it 😉

See you soon…with the photos…of course!