Dynamic Range or not Dynamic Range, that is THE question

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it’s been quite a while since I wrote my last post but I have been busy with my daily job, sorry.

I take the chance today to share a link I found looking for information to clear my mind about the question: “Which camera has the best dynamic range” ?

If you are a DXO Mark fan you know already that Sony A7R and Nikon D810 (but most of the Nikon do score quite high anyway) are absolute winners and if you happen to also be a Canon shooter as I am, well, your disappointment will risk to be lethal and you may be tempted to sell out your gear and run toward Sony cameras and sensors (indeed Nikon sensors are provided by Sony while Canon develops its own ones).

Well there is not much online to compare the DXO results and according to my dear friend Hector at DXO they are serious about their tests and we may want to accept them as is.

But…yeah, you know, I find it a bit strange that Canon scores so bad in the DXO Mark rating…I mean, I am probably biased because I bought Canon long time ago and I can’t switch systems any time I want but…all those professionals out there shooting Canon 5Des and 1DXes…are they all crazy or blind?

I don’t think so, I think that there is a difference but I think there is some sort of bias in the DXO tests, something that makes their tests “more favorable” to Sony sensors perhaps. Not that they make it on purpose to influence the market but there may be something that shifts the results somehow.

My opinion, as I found out, is shared with the guys at Outdoor Photo Academy, and you?

What do you think about it?

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