Prime, zoom and sharpness: a tale of three friends

Once upon a in a photographer’s land there were two friends and a girl who was long beloved and desired by the two friends.
Prime was the strictest, as he loved to say “the world is there in front of you and it flows, you have only one view over it and you got to know how to use it to the best”.
Zoom instead was the most eclectic, he used to say that life can always surprise you, you may need to get in close or step back a bit and have a wider view on things…you gotta always be ready.
Prime and Zoom they both did their great and rewarding job but they fought to conquer the heart of the most beautiful girl in the land: Sharpness.
Sharpness was that kind of girl whose presence, you’d say, made everything look so darn good!
But conquering her heart was a though task and Zoom had a hard time competing with Prime. ‘Prime’ he said ‘ only does one single thing and sometimes even only manually, but for her he does it sooo well!!’

The fight to conquer her heart was long fought and many photographers on the whole world supported either of the parties.

Who won though, it’s not yet clear…

And you, who would you fight for: Prime or Zoom?